Mental Breakdown Is A 1965 Split Screen VW Pickup Truck Turned Into 179MPH Dragster

1965 Split Screen VW Pickup truck dragster

Mental Breakdown Is A 1965 Split Screen VW Pickup Truck Turned Into 179MPH Dragster

It used to be a VW truck. Now, it’s more than a hell of a truck. This is now turned into a dragster and it is nicknamed ‘Mental Breakdown’. The unique vehicle is designed and built by Wayne Allman. Not bad, right? Actually only the cab is from a 1965 Split Screen VW pickup truck, the rest is custom built for the purpose. The engine is located behind the cab and is a monster-sized 8.6-litre Keith Black Hemi V8 engine. The dragster runs on methanol.

It is one of these cars that you cannot drive slowly – it feels terrible. The driver says that there’s nothing else like driving this dragster at high speeds. This VW ride could reach 150 MPH in four seconds and it goes from 0 to 179 MPH in seven seconds. If you are ready for some more numbers the next one is 2.5Gs. Yeap, that’s the number when it pulls off the line. The number is the same but negative when the parachutes open.

Some guys should put on some pampers just in case if they would like to drive this machine. This speed monster vibrates really hard and it could really shake your eyes. Its owner and creator is dealing with drag racers, hot rods and crazy customisations. And this one he built for himself with a lot of passion. It took him more than a decade to built ‘Mental Breakdown’ in Intergalactic Custom Shop in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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That was not his main goal. Wayne Allman built the track in his spare time and he has no idea how much money are poured into building this demon. When he looks at it he says that it would cost around $230,000 to replicate the dragster. Everything here is designed and built from the scratch. He got no offers for buying it, but he is sure that the ride is not for sale. You should be really careful when driving this 2,000 horsepower machine.

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