Mercedes Silver Arrow Is The Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept

Mercedes Silver Arrow Is The Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car

The event is called Los Angeles Design Challenge. It was created with the intention to seek and find the most spectacular new film car for Hollywood. Automotive design studios from all over the world are here to participate in this auto show. One car got all the attention at the event and it came from Germany – Mercedes Silver Arrow. Designed and built by the guys from the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios. The designers joined from both Sindelfingen (Germany) and Carlsbad (USA).

This concept car was actually created as an homage to 125 years of car innovation and design excellence. The design is inspired by two high-technology characters related to safety and stylish design in automobiles. It all started from the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow cult racing car from 1934. Back in the time the press gave that name to the Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Grand Prix motor racing cars. The story of how this car got its name is very interesting. It was the spring 1934 and the Mercedes team placed their new racing car – Mercedes-Benz W25.

There was a maximum weight limit of 1653 lb. The Mercedes racing car recorded 1,656 lb excluding the tyres and the fuel. In the end the racing manager Alfred Neubauer decided to remove all the white paint from the body. That was it and the next day the car started with its shining silver aluminium body. That day Mercedes won the race with the help of their driver Manfred von Brauchitsch. That’s how the nickname ‘Silver Arrow’ was born. Now we have an updated version of the ‘Silver Arrow’ model.

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The second vehicle that the designers picked up was the Uhlenhaut SLR from the 1950s. These two cars got similar proportions but the new Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow concept car is full of technical innovations. The new vehicle could be seen in the “Silver Lightning” movie. We will jump in the near future – everything is quite different and it will be the age of artificial intelligence. There are two crash dummies, Hans05 and Franz02, who are going to save their beloved Mercedes Silver Arrow. This is just part of the story and the rest you could see on our next page.

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