Metropolis II by Chris Burden Is The Ultimate Matchbox Car Track

Metropolis II

Metropolis II by Chris Burden Is The Ultimate Matchbox Car Track

Metropolis II is one of a kind. It’s basically a kinetic sculpture that circulates 100,000 miniature cars every hour. If you have a closer look at this impressive kinetic installation, you will find that all these toy cars are running around through a vast network of 18 tracks. On our next page you could watch this lovely video about Metropolis II that was created by the conceptual artist Chris Burden. Burden was a celebrated interdisciplinary artist, died in 2015. Since 2011 the installation is part of the collection at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Metropolis II seems to be ultimate matchbox car track. but it’s actually a kinetic sculpture that took the designer four years to make it. This isn’t just the most insane matchbox-car track ever, it’s modeled after a frenetic, nameless modern city. It really circulates over 100,000 miniature cars across a system of 18 roadways. One of them is even a six-lane freeway. Each one of these miniature toy cars move through the track at 240 scale miles per hour. If you go to see it at the museum you will realize that the sound of the cars moving through the course is overpowering. If you spend some time reading about this piece of art, you will read that all the visitors say you can actually feel the energy.

On the top of that there is even HO scale train tracks.

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This is the real picture of our world. This is the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city.

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