Mission E Is Not A Mission Impossible If You Have The Employee’s Team Of Porsche!

Porsche Mission E

Mission E Is Not A Mission Impossible If You Have The Employee’s Team Of Porsche!

Porsche’s Mission E is on the path to become a dream come true thanks to the hard-working Germans and their loyalty to the plant. Today’s news and video is probably something you have rarely seen or you have never seen before. Porsche has approved the Mission E for production. We are talking about an all-electrical sedan that in fact is a opponent to the Tesla Model S. In line with its performances driving range of 300 miles and hypothetical production of 600hp due to its four electric motors by 2020 Mission E can turn out to be the most intimidating EV on the market.

According to the spokesman of Porsche company the workers at Porsche’s plant in Zuffenhausen that are in charge of building this model Mission e have agreed to concessions that probably worth around several hundred million Euros in order to secure production of an all-electric sports car at the manufacturer’s largest factory. Apparently they were tremendously excited and eager to help in the realization of this dream. The employer and 13.000 employees have agreed that in order to get the job finished they will gladly give up pay increase from 2016 to 2025 and raise the workweek from 34 to 35 hours. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Well you better believe it. It looks like if you are loyal to the company and you believe in its prospect particularly in Mission E you will no questions ask happily work more and get paid less.

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We can debate on whether these cost-cutting measures are righteously accepted or we can blame the Germans and their working habits.

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