Modern Muscle Cars Show Range Of Performance In IIHS Crash Tests

2016 Ford Mustang crash test

Modern Muscle Cars Show Range Of Performance In IIHS Crash Tests

Do you believe that modern muscle cars are safer? Let’s see if this is true. We are going to see three modern muscle cars crashing on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. All these three cars missed out the top safety ratings. Doesn’t sound good, right? On the top of that, these three modern vehicles are sports car which means that these rides tend to be driven enthusiastically. So, it would be a must they are as safe as possible. We missed to say the models in the trio – 2016 Ford Mustang, 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and 2016 Dodge Challenger. This trio of modern muscle cars missed out on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety‚Äôs (IIHS) top safety ratings.

Here is the list with crash tests and systems that the vehicles should have – roof strength and head restrain tests, moderate overlap front, small overlap front and all cars should be equipped with some kind of front crash prevention system. The one the came closest was the Mustang. A couple of things let it down to the ‘acceptable’ rating in the small overlap test. After the crash test the instrument panel intruded into the cockpit and the roof buckled. The Camaro performed better in this test, but the car is not equipped with any front crash prevention tech. It also got ‘acceptable’ rating in the roof strength test.

The third car, the Challenger, performed the worst. It is the oldest one from the trio.

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‘Acceptable’ rating was given to the Challenger for roof strength and the head restraints.

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