How Much Could You Abuse A Rental Camaro – See What These Guys Did To This Poor Car

rental Chevy Camaro

How Much Could You Abuse A Rental Camaro – See What These Guys Did To This Poor Car

There two sides of the story in this article. The first one is why someone should put a car through all this stuff. On the other hand these guys paid a bunch of money to rent this vehicle. In the end we have one simple question – how much could you abuse a rental Chevy Camaro in 24 hours. You have to try to figure out what these guys didn’t put this sweet ride through. In the video on our next page you will see a lot of burnouts and things you wish no one do with your vehicle. The rental company should contact a tire service immediately.

If you still wonder what the totalled V6 Camaro is doing here, you should go to page 2 and watch the video there. If this was my car, I would be totally pissed off. This might be one of the reasons why the rental insurance is so much expensive. We are not quite sure why these guys filmed everything, as they could be prosecuted for destruction of property. It would be more interesting if the guy who was driving the Chevy was one idea closer to slide off that cliff. We could call it – instant karma. Some guys might be thinking why to abuse such a lovely Camaro while the others state they are going to have all the fun out of the money they paid for it.

We are not quites sure if we would do the same with a rental car – there is always a risk of doing something stupid.

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