Never Get Out Of The Gas Too Early – Rotary Datsun Versus Blown Camaro

Rotary Datsun Versus Blown Camaro

Never Get Out Of The Gas Too Early – Rotary Datsun Versus Blown Camaro

It is said that nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. Like in this drag race. The lesson here is that you should never give up – don’t get out of the gas too early. It doesn’t matter if you think that you are the winner here and you got the race in your bag. You should always expect the unexpected. It’s very simple – stay on the gas pedal until you cross the finish line. After that you know the race is won for sure.

We have here a blown Camaro racing against a rotary Datsun. There are a lot of things here that should be taken in mind before judging the winner and the final outcome here. It seems that the Camaro couldn’t get traction and the driver simply gave up in order to avoid a possible accident. At some time it looks like the Camaro even jumped somehow but are not quite sure about that. There is one thing that nobody could deny – the Camaro in this drag race is faster than the rotary Datsun.

Sometimes it’s not just the power – the environment and the obstacles related to the race are also important. We talk about a street drag race. Here the Camaro driver had lots of troubles keeping the vehicle straight. The Chevy driver gave up at some moment to avoid a potential accident with the Datsun or the curb and then the Datsun took the lead. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you won by an inch or a quarter mile – winning is winning.

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When it comes to powerful cars like the Camaro in this video, you should bear in mind that you cannot simply race like this on a street. This car is created for tracks only. You should race this car on a prepared track, because with all that power you are no one unless you could control it.

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