Nikola Motors Steals Tesla’s First Name To Release 2,000HP Hybrid Semitrailer Truck

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

Nikola Motors Steals Tesla’s First Name To Release 2,000HP Hybrid Semitrailer Truck

Nikola Motors wants to build clean semi-trucks. On the top of that the company stole Tesla’s first name in order to get closer to the world of zero emissions. The name of the company is after the famous electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. Their current goal is to build a clean semi and an all-electric UTC named Nikola Zero. Yesterday, the company announced that Nikola One is going to be a class 8 electric semi-truck. The founder and CEO Trevor Milton had the idea and now he got the chance to make his dream come true. It’s all now up to the design and right after that the company is going to manufacture the electric vehicle. The company will launch a 2,000 horsepower all electric semi-truck.

Right after that the next electric ride is going to be released – a 520 horsepower 4×4 electric UTV. “Nikola One” will be the name of the semi and “Nikola Zero” is going to be the name of the all-electric UTC. You could get more information about these projects on their website – You could even reserve a ride now. “Nikola Zero” could be yours for the price of $42,000. The first 5,000 rides will get a discount – $5,000. The good thing about electric engines is that you only use what you need unlike a diesel engine. You will really have 2,000 horsepower under the hood of the semi but most of the time you will only need 400 to 500 horsepower.

You will not waste any energy that you don’t use – the good thing about the electric motors.

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For example, if you go up a hill with 35 MPH or less with a diesel engine, you could go up with an electric engine at the full speed limit.

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