This Nitrous Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Is A Literal Demon On The Streets!

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spitting Nitrous

This Nitrous Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Is A Literal Demon On The Streets!

You see this rear-wheel-drive 2-door coupe you know that it’s fast as hell. Under the hood you will find a supercharged and intercooled DOHC 32-valve 355 cu in V8 engine. The performance numbers are even better – 662HP @ 6500RPM and 631 lb-ft @ 4000RPM. This 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission allowing this beast to run from 0 to 60MPH in time of 3.5 seconds. This Shelby could reach a top speed of 202 MPH. The car passes the quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds. The acceleration is something that you should try – 1.00 g when slamming a redline shift from second to third.

In the very beginning when this car was just a name and some drawings, the Ford’s SVT division that was developing the GT500 focused on three bogies: 650 HP, 600 lb-ft, and 200 MPH. As you might be alreay thinking – yeah, there are a lot of upgrades in this car. In the end the production car bests the engine targets. This is all thanks to the larger fuel injectors, twin fuel pumps, bigger fan, a grippier and larger-diameter clutch, a three-row intercooler, carbon shaft and many more. On the top of that in the below video we are going to show you this upgraded Shelby GT500. This Ford Shelby Cobra is literally spitting nitrous.

This Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra spitting nitrous absolutely freaking amazing. In addition, it is sexy as hell.

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Spend a couple of minutes and see this absolutely amazing car.

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