Why There Would Be No 1969 Camaro Anymore?

1969 Camaro

Why There Would Be No 1969 Camaro Anymore?

As part of their 100 year celebration Chevrolet set up a weird bracket style voting system in an attempt to pick the best car the company ever produced. After 124,368 votes were cast the 1969 Camaro came out victorious. While the 1969 Camaro’s structure and mechanical elements were virtually unchanged from the ’68 model, new fenders, door skins, rear quarter-panels, grille and tail lights gave the car a wider, lower appearance. A redesigned dash and more comfortable seats made it more livable, too. But it was the staggering array of available performance equipment that marks 1969 as the greatest model year for Camaros. Almost all of 1969 Camaros were built in the two U.S. assembly plants: Norwood, Ohio and Van Nuys, California.

TCS has just released their list of the top ten classic muscle cars, with the #1 spot going to the 1969 Camaro ZL1. A mint-condition model can sell for as much as $425,000, more than some Ferraris and other exotics. Total Car Score has identified this classic American muscle car that not only represented the pinnacle of automotive performance when new but also offer strong market value today. Vintage car collectors consider it must-have muscle car which is undoubtedly driving up all prices.

Need a reason to buy a Camaro, besides look and speed? Another reason might be because this muscle car is turning out to be good investments.

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Pony cars in good condition are still flexing their biceps all these years after the first Camaro rolled off the assembly line, and their value is increasing despite a soft economy, according to experts at Total Car Score.

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