No Brakes, Thin Ice Does It Sound Like A Good Idea?

Accident on ice with 80kmh

No Brakes, Thin Ice Does It Sound Like A Good Idea?

Common sense would suggest you’d be mad to ride without brakes on ice, but it can be done by skilled riders! Number of times we witness people especially young people being part of crazy stunts. Sometimes these stunts can be even life threatening. But nevertheless they don’t think of the consequences and carry on with their games and fun stuff.

In the following video this insane French guy tries to do same. On the other end of that little stick and rope setup, his friends have tied the other end of the rope to the wheel of a car. After they floor it, he hits speeds of 80 km/h with no trouble but he has no brakes to stop with. He has to figure out what to do but there is not enough time, only few seconds.

When I was watching the video the first thing that pop in my mind was how can people be so stupid and risk their health and lives for a stupid game. He has no brakes to stop with, and only has seconds to figure out what to do before he hits into something. The good news is that all ends well but we all saw in the video that only seconds were in question before something serious happened.

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Watch the video but my recommendation is don’t try it yourself. The guy obviously was lucky, he put his life in question for some cheap fun, it all ended ok this time but what could have happened is a discussion for another time and place.


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