No More Rip Offs By The Car Repair Shops It’s Time To Get What You Have Paid For!

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No More Rip Offs By The Car Repair Shops It’s Time To Get What You Have Paid For!

It’s not the first time we hear stories about people being ripped off when they take their car to a car repair shop to have their oil changed. It’s a common procedure that should be done each year or every 5k miles. The different thing this time is that we have it on tape how these repair shops work they say one thing and end up doing other things as well. Trusting someone with your car is not an easy thing and now we even have evidence why is that.

The guys from CBC Marketplace have decide instead of being a victim to take the matter into their own hands. They have placed a hidden camera to proof that this kind of rip-offs are very common nowadays. When you see an add saying an oil change for only $19.99 is almost never true and this hidden camera undercover investigation proves it. Very often instead of being charged with the sum of $19.99 you end up paying for things you didn’t ask for in the first place.

The worst thing is that no oil filter had been changed. The best way to avoid this kind of rip off situations in the future is to be aware that these days you should trust no one. So the next time when you take your car to a car repair shop ask them to monitor the whole procedure.

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If they tell you that you need some parts of the car to be replaced with new ones ask them to give you the old ones back. This is the best way to make sure that no monkey business will be performed in the future.

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