Nothing Could Beat The Indian Version Of Pimp My Ride

Pimp my ride India

Nothing Could Beat The Indian Version Of Pimp My Ride

India is a weird country – weird people, habits, life… everything. Even ‘Pimp my ride’ show is taken to a whole new level. The video that we are going to play for you is fun in every aspect. You will notice a lot of funny and strange looking things. Like priming the car without using a tape before that. If you are not up-to-date with the sport tires in the world, the guy from the show will present you the famous JK tires.

The car that the guys will pimp in this episode is a real beast – Suzuki Baleno. The car will receive a whole new look after the customization process – Lambo style doors, JK tires (sport tires), electric turbo and many more. The guys are so funny talking about the car color and the modifications that the client would like to have installed on it. Just like in the real ‘Pimp my ride’ show, each and every part which is going to have a new look is removed from the car. This way the guys are going to have a clearer picture about the real racing style that should be applied.

There is no such thing like ordering new parts – the parts that were removed are just redesigned. After that all the parts are installed back to the car very carefully. The car received new LS doors – the doors were just modified, so they could be opened upwards. After all parts are in place it’s time for the paint. There is no such thing like masking tape here. You just got the paint and pick up a detail to start with.

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The hilarious narration is something that you should be laughing a lot. It seems very hard for all those guys to find the right words. The newly installed JVC sound system got a unique tag – ‘The Perfect ExperieAnce’. You should worry about the genuineness of the components after reading this one. Bear in mind that this is a very modern way of modifying a car in India and only some could afford such service.

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