One Insanely Intense Police Pursuit After An Armed Robber

armed robbery police pursuit

One Insanely Intense Police Pursuit After An Armed Robber

We are going to see one police officer who drive his patrol vehicle like an absolute boss. He is not going to give up until he catches the armed robber in this crazy police pursuit. The footage is about an Arkansas Game and Fish police officer who assisted in making the arrest. He was in pursuit after a man fleeing for armed robbery.

The cops believed that the man who trying to escape the police officers was armed with a firearm that he had used in the robbery. The man in this truck is the right guy to get this job done. The cop seems to be very angry during the chase as he was screaming all the time – ‘Stop, stop, stop mother f**ker… stop, stop, stop’.

This hell of a cop showed no mercy in this high speed police pursuit because of the probably pretty dangerous suspect. The police officer acts like he was waiting for this moment all his life. The robber is trying to escape driving in the wrong way on the highway, driving outside the road. But the guy who was following him was a tough police officer who had no mercy.


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After the chase is finished – the thief got out of his car trying to do everything possible to stay alive. The police officer was pointing a gun at his face and you could clearly see the fear of meth in his eyes. He is like a guy who just came out of a Hollwood comedy movie for kids. We wonder if this guy managed to get away after that scene – the police officer forgot to give him his Miranda rights.

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