One Of The Most Entertaining And Humorous Road Rage Clips On The Internet

funny road rage

One Of The Most Entertaining And Humorous Road Rage Clips On The Internet

What is actually road rage? Basically this is an aggressive behaviour by a driver of a road vehicle. By aggressive behaviour we mean rude gestures and verbal insults. Most of the cases the people involved in road rages drive in an unsafe or threatening manner. Road rages could lead to very dangerous situations and even deaths. It is a very extreme case of aggressive driving. The beginning of road rage was marked back in in the United States in 1987–1988. During that period a rash of freeway shootings occurred on the Interstate 405 and a couple of other freeways in Los Angeles.

How to recognize a road rage – it is related somehow to aggressive driving that includes sudden acceleration, braking, and close tailgating. It might also include cutting other drivers off in a lane. Road rage could occur on a parking lot as well. Angry drivers could block others from leaving their parking lots. If you are not involved in a road rage but there is one happening around you, you will definitely notice where it is. A quick look around you and you will find the flashing lights and the sounding horns. If there are guys showing out of the window showing rude gestures like “the finger” – that’s it.

The main character in the below video is an angry woman. She gets out of a white Ford F-350 and starts banging on the BMW that her boyfriend just cut off.

2016 Shelby F150

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She completely loses her mind – showing ‘the finger’ and spitting on the BMW.

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