The One And Only W32 Engine Is More Beautiful Than A Diamond

miniature hydraulic W32 engine

The One And Only W32 Engine Is More Beautiful Than A Diamond

In this article we are going to present you the smallest W32 engine in the world. The creator of this piece of art dedicated it to all his friends and followers of “Engines Patelo” worldwide. It is true that this little thing is more beautiful than a diamond. If you have a closer look at it you will find that the attention to the details is just amazing. There is no doubt that this W32 engine is a work of art. If you are not aware, there isn’t any W32 engines created until now. This means that this miniature engine is not based on anything real. It’s just a project and every details laid in the head of its creator. Imagine if there was a real vehicle running a W32 engine…

The creator of this piece of art is José Manuel Hermo Barreiro aka Patelo. This guy spent more than 2,500 hours to complete this miniature hydraulic 32-piston W engine. There are a total of 850 parts that fit perfectly together. The engine is so balanced that it barely shudders when running. This is not one of those nice looking externally driven engine models, this thing is for real. The most impressive part here is the machine work. Right after that we could put the design and the assembly. With all that said we could prove that the backyard garage mechanic like this guy has always been the driving force that powers our technology and economy.

This little thing is really impressive. There are a lot of guys out there who would love to see this W32 engine running on actual fuel.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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It could run by adding tiny spark plugs to this setup. There is no need of oil filter at all.

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