Panama Canal Place Where Danger Breathes In Your Neck!

panama canal ship crash

Panama Canal Place Where Danger Breathes In Your Neck!

In today’s video you are about to see a jeopardizing situation provoked by the narrowness of the space and probably by the difficult and challenging position that the captain of the boat faced trying to squeeze the oversized boat through the tight Panama canal. We have always been aware of the fact that cargo ships especially those with gigantic size have been difficult to manage, but after watching the following video I admit that I am going to have a higher admiration for the people piloting these huge cargo ships from now on.

In the footage an accident has been captured that happened on the Panama canal. What happened is truly unbelievable – apparently a misguided container ship has crushed a tow train (or ‘mule’) as it was being pulled through the canal. The captain of the ship obviously had some problems driving the oversized ship. During his effort to fit itself through the Panama Canal he totally managed to destroy and squash one of the mule carts on the nearby land. Fortunately for everyone nobody was left injured. It looks like piloting with enormous ships demands great skill and professionalism. I am not completely sure if this captain had them enough to perform this kind of maneuvers or of he had them at all.

What I do know is that he had a lot of luck not to hurt anyone.

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This kind of situation has left everybody speechless but most importantly has definitely proved that tight spaces and huge ships are not a good match.

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