Parenting Done Right Or How To Teach Your Kid The Right Way To Do A Burnout

kid doing pocket bike burnout

Parenting Done Right Or How To Teach Your Kid The Right Way To Do A Burnout

Yeah, that’s my son. This kis is only 6 years old but he was raised to love motorcycles. The pocket bike that you are going to see here is actually a present from his daddy for his 6 birthday. The pocket bike is custom built equipped with a 49cc engine, stretched 12″ and is air brushed. The small pocket bike is created with the intention to look like the father’s motorcycle – 2007 GSXR 750. The real bike is sitting in the background of this video.

First of all, we would like to give you a quick tutorial on how to a burnout on a motorcycle. You could easily do this if you follow these 6 steps. First of all, you should turn on the engine and put the bike in first gear. After that you should pull in the clutch all the way and the front brake as well. Then you should get up the bike to about 7-8k RPM using your tight thumb to turn the throttle. You should use only your thumb for doing this, the remaining four fingers should be holding the front brake.

Put your feet on the ground and make sure that you feel stable. With your feet touching the ground, your knees should hold the bike from moving too much to the left or right while doing the burnout. Actually, you are supposed to form an A shape with your legs. If you doesn’t feel safe doing it for the first time, you could stand up from the bike. Now the fun starts – slowly release the clutch with your left hand while keeping the front brake and the throttle.

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Make sure that you keep the front brake pulled tightly. In a matter of seconds you will feel the rear tire is spinning. The bike will not go anywhere, so you should keep on the front brake. You could now play a little bit with the throttle and enjoy all the smoke coming out from the back tire. In the end when you are done you have two options – either pull in the clutch or just remove your right thumb from the throttle.

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