Perfect Pursuits: Brave Guys Chasing A Volvo S60 R That Was Reported As Stolen

stolen Volvo S60R

Perfect Pursuits: Brave Guys Chasing A Volvo S60 R That Was Reported As Stolen

This may be my new favourite video. The subtle plot, the surprisingly quick thinking pursuit tactics (like when she tried to psych them out on the interstate), the efficient directions/roads by the back seat guy, and the inevitable justice filled end, complete with high fives. The individuals in this vehicle were driving along when they spotted a Volvo S60R that was recently reported as stolen. Instead of just calling the police, they followed the stolen vehicle in an amazing chase and called the police while doing so.

I honestly started shaking with suspense as if I was watching an action movie. I can’t imagine the adrenaline rush they were getting throughout the pursuit. I would’ve been no hope if it came to me giving updated directions like that. I would’ve been like “uhhh 51st and um walnut I think. going west? no east.” What surprised me is how quickly she caught on to someone tailing her. I guess when you’re a low enough to steal someone’s car, you’re constantly on edge.

The driver was calm, in control, gave the guy he was pursuing plenty of leash, didn’t try to push him or stress him out and to make sure he had plenty of room to stop. This was probably one of the most technically perfect pursuits I’ve seen, most people get hyper aggressive and thanks to these brave drivers the justice is served.

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This was the best 14 minutes I think I’ve ever spent on you tube. The video is awesome and although fun it is also very dangerous. It could have hit someone in the residential area.


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