Performing Bike Stunts No Longer A Mystery!

bike stunts

Performing Bike Stunts No Longer A Mystery!

It is not important how we name them since they have a lot of names from , stoppies, endos or even the lame-sounding “nose wheelies the important thing is that one of the most dramatic and at the same time striking sights in street freestyle competition was performed by a a pro stunter who roll past at 100 mph with the rear wheel floating four feet off the ground. A sky-high stoppie is also one of the most tricky and hazardous exercises to master. Different from the wheelie, where the rear brake can always return you to terra firma if things go in a different direction, there is no protection device to bring things back once a 550-plus-pound sportbike and rider start sailing past the balance point. If you miscalculate and build too much energy on the way up, you’re over and done.

Stunt Asylum school in the UK has discovered its latest homebuilt device to teach hopeful stunt riders the skill. The rolling rig is built around a Yamaha Fazer and comes with an adaptable bar to manage the stature the rear wheel lifts, letting anxious novices to slowly build their self-confidence. It also has a set of shopping trolley-like stabilizing wheels to avoid the front end from washing out under the strength of unexpected braking.

Learning to stoppie will cost you no more than £240. The locations are in Essex and Surrey and the needed equipment such as bikes is provided.

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Wearing suitable gear is a must and the riders will need to show their bike and racing lisence.

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