Pissed Off Valet Guy Or How To Drive Dodge Challenger Hellcat In Valet Mode

Dodge Challenger Hellcat valet

Pissed Off Valet Guy Or How To Drive Dodge Challenger Hellcat In Valet Mode

Let’s start the article by saying that not all valets are so trustworthy. I spent a couple of years as a valet. It was an excellent second job the way and it was good money. Good money means something around $200 for 10 hours per week. Sounds good. What I was trying to say is that I never goofed off in someone’s ride. In this article we are going to see the other side of the story. The guys from the video are actually valets at Universal Studios in Florida. The owner managed to catch these idiots on his dashcam while messing behind the wheel of his 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger.

One of the valets is behind the wheel aimlessly going around the parking lot. There is one more guy who is riding shotgun. These guys are not aware of the fact that the owner wisely engaged valet mode before giving the keys. The owner of this 707-horsepower muscle car seemed pretty cool about the whole mess. He even decided to hide the identities of the valets at the end of the video. The owner had written in the YouTube description that the valets didn’t do anything wrong. It was a long 4-minute try to park the car. There is some bad language in the below video, so feel warned.

Here comes the tip part. Use valet mode always when you valet your vehicle.

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You could do a few small things in advance – check your odometer when you drop off.

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