Police Officer Doing Cone Drills Like a Boss

police officer with some serious skills

Police Officer Doing Cone Drills Like a Boss

This police officer seems to know some serious stuff. We all see those iron bars attached to the bike that basically prevent him from falling over. But in the end this guy got amazing skills. All of the police motorcycles are custom designed in order to meet requirements of a particular state. There is one special thing for this police units – their maneuverability. They are designed and built to provide easy control on crowded streets. This is an advantage that is not provided by larger bikes. All motorcycles units get to the accident scenes more quickly in conditions like traffic collisions. Basically all motorcycles are used on special events, VIP motorcades, police funerals and many more.

When it comes to brands, the police officers in the United States of America ride motorcycles marketed by Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, or BMW Motorrad. In the below video you are going to see some amazing skills shown by a police officer. You could learn something new while watching it. This material was uploaded on Manly Mayhem channel with thousands of views so far. You could enjoy the video for more than 2 minutes. The event is unknown to us, but the cop rocks. He definitely knows his stuff. At first look, you might be thinking that all this stuff is pretty simple, but it’s not. Just observe his moves – moving so easily with so many obstacles around you is something that you could see every day.

One tip from our side – do not try this at home. Skills like this could not be obtained for a day.

2016 Shelby F150

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The track at this event seems to be custom designed in order to show the best riders among all guys at the event. In a couple of words this track is super thin surrounded with cones.

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