Police Officer Killed Wrong-Way Driver From Helicopter During High Speed Chase

high speed chase wrong-way driver

Police Officer Killed Wrong-Way Driver From Helicopter During High Speed Chase

We didn’t know that police officers could do that. We talk about a helicopter shot. The accident happened on the 215 Freeway a couple of days ago. The wrong-way driver was shot and killed by a police officer from the sheriff’s helicopter in California. The driver was forcing freeway closures and basically was about time to kill someone on the highway by crashing into another car. A California Deputy shot at the wrong-way driver with an assault rifle.

The driver died immediately and was later identified as Nicholas Alan Johnson of Fontana California. The accident began a few hours before that when cops tried to stop his SUV in connection with a home-invasion robbery that happened in Devore. That was the beginning of a long high speed chase on the freeway with a lot of failed attempts from the police officers to stop the wrong-way driver. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department stated after the accident that a deputy in the helicopter fired at Johnson’s Chevrolet Tahoe.

The cop striked several times, it was not just a single shot. The wrong-way driver, Nicholas Alan Johnson, bailed from his SUV and tried to run away. Seconds after that he collapsed on the road. The reason for his death is clear but the official cause of death will be determined and later released by an autopsy. If you look closer at this accident – everything seems OK. You cannot just drive like this with the possibility to kill someone innocent on the road while doing stupid moves.


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There is one simple rule in life – never run from the police. You know that you could be killed at some time, especially if you are going the wrong way on the highway. The cops did the right thing in the end – they had to stop this crazy guy somehow. You will see a lot of bullet holes on the SUV’s windshield that were made by a police deputy from the sheriff’s helicopter. That marked the end of this high speed police chase.

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