Entering Race Mode – See This Amazing Pre Production 2017 Ford GT Go In And Out Of The Race Mode

production ready 2017 Ford GT

Entering Race Mode – See This Amazing Pre Production 2017 Ford GT Go In And Out Of The Race Mode

Ford Motor Company unveiled a production-intent Ford GT buck a few days ago. The car is ready for production and it is going to be shown at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The car that you are going to see in the below video is features actually a production-ready design and equipment. According to many sources of information, Ford confirmed that this vehicle is production intent. It is still in development and a lot of things could be changed. Matt Leaver who is working at Ford Performance Communications said that the sports car is fully street legal, but most the final calibrations, tuning, and software are still in modification.

Here is part of the list with parts that were changed or modified from the concept Ford GT that we saw last year in Detroit. The first thing that you could notice are the larger side view mirrors. The list was created by Jamal Hameedi who is the Ford Performance chief vehicle engineer. The headlights were slightly modified and new reflectors were added on the front fenders. The rear diffuser has been changed for better downforce. Two air inlets are placed in the center of the front splitter. The taillight housings are now missing the GT logo. On the top of the engine is the super plastic cover that proudly reads “EcoBoost.”

Finally, what this race mode actually is? This new feature enables the 2017 Ford GT to lower itself when running at high speed. The reason – more downforce. In addition when running at high speed you could use the rear wing as an air brake.

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Basically the rear wing could move up and down to slow down the vehicle.

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