We Present You Chevrolet’s Latest Menacing Racing Machine – The Camaro GT4.R

Camaro GT4.R

We Present You Chevrolet’s Latest Menacing Racing Machine – The Camaro GT4.R

If we were supposed to describe this ride quickly – amazing and powerful beast. Yes, this is it – meet the Camaro GT4.R. One hell of an American muscle car based on the ZL1. Is Chevrolet going to take on the likes of Ford, McLaren and Porsche on the track with its latest mean machine? Chevrolet has unveiled the new Camaro GT4 specifications and we found some spy shots from the track. It really looks as menacing as this render suggests. It is wide, low and loud. Pretty much that’s it. The car is going to be prepared to race cars like McLaren, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche in the worldwide GT4 racing series.

The GT4.R version is based on the ZL1 version of the Camaro. It will be equipped with a tuned version of the 6.2-liter V8 engine from the ZL1 beast. In the end the engineers put a total of 650 horsepower. This is what we call a tire-smoking power. It’s not about the engine – almost everything in this car is modified. All this torque and power is going through a race-ready six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission. In the back of this sports car we have a rear limited-slip differential and adjustable traction control. The beast features a new suspension – Ohlins coilovers. The GT4.R version is more aerodynamically-efficient than the stock version.

New front valance, new rear wing for added downforce, bigger rims and tires and many more.

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The car is going to be at the track at some point this year in the IMSA’s Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge.

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