This Is Probably The Worst Camaro Driver In The Entire World

Camaro causes Big Wreck

This Is Probably The Worst Camaro Driver In The Entire World

The whole video is about showing an idiot driving a Chevrolet Camaro on the highway. This might be one of the worst Camaro drivers on the planet. The videos starts with a simple drive on NYS thruway near Batavia New York. It was all fine until some guy appeared with a Camaro. Strange maneuvers, pushing the car in front of him to pull over while passing some big rigs. In the end you will see that the whole simple drive turns into a pretty bad wreck. All that because of the guy behind the wheel of the yellow Chevy. It seems that the guy inside had no patience at all. He was hoping to pass all these big rigs and the cars on the left while taking up both lanes.

First of all, when you are driving on the highway and there are so many other cars on the road you should be patient. Driving requires patience. The Chevy driver got what he deserved in this situation with the price of this big wreck. In this case he is really going to need a good insurance. A total of two cars and a big rig were involved in this accident. There is no doubt that the Camaro driver was a complete idiot, but the guy in the pickup truck had to move to the right allowing this dumbas$ to pass.

It would be way safer for everyone. On the top of that according to the NY laws the guy with the pickup was OK.

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You can’t be going slower than the normal traffic when you are in the left lane.

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