Project Magnitude Is A 295 ft Long Opulent Yacht

Project Magnitude yacht

Project Magnitude Is A 295 ft Long Opulent Yacht

Lukasz Opalinski well known for his impressive series of Oceano Yachts in the Y700 series such as the Y707 and the Y708 has designed and innovated even something better. We are talking about a yacht that goes by the name Project Magnitude. In fact this is a super yacht that has maintained the concept envelope of technical and operational possibility. While on one hand it respects the operational needs on the other it challenges the predictable thinking. Familiar by his luxury background he has shaped the concept of aerodynamic style and state –of –the art technology.

At the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show the designer Lukasz Oplainski described the Project Magnitude as ground breaking because it combines elements that are full of innovation. The surfaces are made of glass that causes the interiors to be lighter, brighter and the visual spaces to be larger, the lanes are very natural and soft. The extra daylight in the interiors is a result of the unified large windows. This on the other hand creates extra-spacious visual effect inside and is the reason for large part of the views during the voyage.

Project magnitude also wants to embody the whole idea of yachting. Up till now yachts were designed to look more like second homes, in some way they were detached with the surrounding and the water itself. Opalinski desire was Project Magnitude to give ‘direct access to the surrounding environment and eventually be in tune with the elements.’

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A good examples of this is the detachable beach skylight. Although it is additionally built-in a pool, it floats away from the yacht but remains attached via an underwater arm.

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