Puncture–Proof Tires No Longer A Myth Now A Reality!

puncture–proof tires

Puncture–Proof Tires No Longer A Myth Now A Reality!

In today’s video you are about to witness a new unique technological revelation that is going to change the perspective of things in automotive industry. Please welcome the Rhino Tire technology. Its creators have stated that this is a cutting edge technology that is going to make every driver’s life easier. This revolutionary technology is designed to prevent flats in pneumatic tires caused by punctures from nails or any kind of sharp objects. Due to the strong tires you will experience enhanced efficiency, safety of driving and manageability. The next logical question should probably be how does this RhinoTire technology actually works.

Basically it is all due to the application of a unique polymer RhinoPlex to the inside of the tire. This immediately seals any puncture or incision up toa a ¼ of an inch. The polymer inside of the tire is heated to a very high temperature and then is equally sprayed inside the tire, maintaining pressure and allowing the vehicle to keep moving. By administering a gel in the interior area of the tire at a temperature of 120° C the tires become puncture proofed. Even if the the tire is punctured the gel reseals the holes. Thanks to the Rhinotire you will finally enjoy better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires and safer ride. Also the tires generate less noise on the road.

The other good news about this technology is that it works on all kinds of tires no matter of the size and type; bikes, motorcycles, cars, pickups or commercial trucks.

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It works on new and used tires with the same result.

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