Race Wars – 800HP Terminator Cobra Vs Twin Turbo Porsche

Cobra Vs Porsche Street Race

Race Wars – 800HP Terminator Cobra Vs Twin Turbo Porsche

That is one real street race. It’s all about the power here and winner is going to be only one. The first car is a 2003 SVT Cobra 800 horsepower. Basically the car features a wipple 2.3, certified bellhousing good for 1500 horsepower, there is a 125 NOS wet kit, solid axle, double adjustment uppers and lowers, core heat exchanger. There is a custom made fuel cell in the trunk and a 3-inch exhaust system. This car is a real beast.

We consider this to be on the hottest street races that we have ever seen or at least we have seen in a really long time. Pick up one of those cars as your favourite one and watch the video. Let’s see if you could guess who is going to win that insane race. We have one heavily modified Ford Mustang that outputs around 800 horsepower while on the other hand we have a twin turbo Porsche.

There is one thought by Kevin McClelland that says ‘Horsepower sells engines and cars. But torque moves the car.’. What we mean hear is that we have seen many fast Mustangs, but this is the first one that is very fast for a very long time. Most of these super fast cars are created for the track. It’s like they are supposed to be fast only for a quarter mile race and that’s it. Here we have one really insane speed beast.

According to the video the Porsche really seems to be slow. This might be caused by the driver of the car. Both of the cars are around 800 horsepower. In the end we could say that we never get tired of watching how $40k Ford Mustangs beat $130k Porsches.

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