From An RC Car To The Highest Performance Pencil Sharpener On The Planet!

nitro pencil sharpener

From An RC Car To The Highest Performance Pencil Sharpener On The Planet!

This guy has found a nitro engine RC car in the garbage. He spent some time getting it up and running, but it was still missing the remote control, battery, driveshaft, and other parts. So he decided to turn it into a gas powered pencil sharper instead! The first step was to get the engine running. When he got it the piston was seized and the carburetor was clogged. He took everything apart and cleaned it before putting it back together. Once the engine was running he could get to work attaching it to a hand crank pencil sharpener. He decided to utilize as much of the RC car as possible.

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He welded the universal joint from the RC driveshaft to the hand crank of the pencil sharpener.

Then he cut it off and rounded the edges with a grinder. Then he connected drive shaft. He did a test run and the pencil sharpener seized. It seemed the cutting wheel wasn’t designed to spin at 30,000 RPM He used a shock absorber from the car to “engage” the brake at all times. This way the pencil sharpener wasn’t spinning until he wanted it to. This reduces wear on the bearings/bushings. He added some modified bumpers and guards from the car to make the device look more complex and cool. To his surprise the thing actually worked! And it didn’t fall apart after its first use. Everything is still intact and working.

This is going to blow away all the kids in the classroom.

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