The Reason Why Semi Tires EXPLODE All The Time (VIDEO)

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The Reason Why Semi Tires EXPLODE All The Time (VIDEO)

In this article we are going to explain you in details why the semi tires explode all the time. It’s not just because of the high temperatures and due to overloading. The reason why you see very often a truck’s tire explode and just come to pieces right there on the highway in front of you is very simple. 80% of these cases is because the tire was a retread. In the video on our next page we are going to show you the whole retreading process. The reason for putting such tires is only one – the price.

New truck tires are quite expensive. Due to the fact the most of the truck tires are worn down only when it comes to the tread. The actual tire is pretty new and that’s why most companies figure that they can save a few bucks by retreading. In fact, if the whole process is done right you could drive with such tire for some time. Here comes another problem for all these blowouts – most drivers aren’t aware of the pressure in the tires, This simply causes running long distances with low pressure tires – this is the reason for the blowouts.

In the end what are you really going to buy – a quality retread Michelin or a a brand new bargain basement tire from China.

service appointment 1200HP twin turbo 2015 Silverado 1500

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Yes, that’s right – the reasons for blowing a tire are two. They are either pressures off or overloading.

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