This Redneck Took It Too Far Driving A Car With A Duct Tape Roll Cage Off A Cliff

fiberfix roll cage duct tape

This Redneck Took It Too Far Driving A Car With A Duct Tape Roll Cage Off A Cliff

In this article we are going to watch a video about one crazy guy. The insane thing about it is that he is going to drive a duct tape car off a cliff. And this is for real. If you wonder what the duct tape is about, the car is equipped with a duct tape roll cage on the outside. The guy from the video is going to take this car got its last ride. He will drive the vehicle off a cliff and you will see the results. The results aren’t pretty by the way. The duct tape got lots of good qualities. On the other hand it’s not going to last for so long and be so strong.

If you need some strength from the duct tape then you should probably pick up something else. The roll cage of the car in the video on our next page is done with fiber fix. It’s a kind of a tape but it seems to be really strong. It managed to keep the roll cage after the car was driven off a cliff. According to the manufacture of FiberFix it is 100 times stronger than duct tape and softer than nothing. We didn’t have the chance to use it but we really enjoy watching this video.

There are guys out there who are crazy enough to believe the manufacture and use this fiberfix to build a roll cage.

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It’s not about building the roll cage, it’s about going into the car and driving it off a cliff. This is just insane.

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