Rollerblading Is Only Cool When Done At 125MPH Behind A Dodge Challenger SRT8

rollerblading with Challenger SRT8

Rollerblading Is Only Cool When Done At 125MPH Behind A Dodge Challenger SRT8

The Rollerblade is actually a Nordica branch of in-line skates. The company was started by a couple of guys as Ole’s Innovative Sports and later they sold it. Now we have Rollerblade, Inc. Initially the company distributed the in-line skates only to to Italy and Central Europe. After the first few years Rollerblade, Inc. were the only one company manufacturing in-line skates all over the world. The company offers different types of in-line skates suitable for aggressive skating or urban areas.

In the below video we are going to see a differnet kind of rollerblading. Have you ever wondered what it is going to look like at 125 MPH? Rollerblading at 125 MPH sounds completely insane, doesn’t it? But this guy doesn’t think so and he is going to do it while holding on a a 593HP Dodge Challenger SRT8. That’s what we call to bring skating at a whole new level. This guy should really have b*lls of steel to do this. The next step might be doing this with a Nissan GT-R when using launch control.

The car is a Dodge Challenger SRT8 – 2011 model year. The car is equipped with a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine. The engine is also known as 392 HEMI (although its real size is 391ci). The output here is 470 horsepower and 470 lb.ft. of torque. The peak horsepower is reached at low-end torque. There two transmissions available for this car and engine – a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed shiftable automatic gearbox. The car could run a quarter mile in time of 12.4 seconds.

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The top speed that this speed monster reaches while running the quarter mile is 110 MPH. This time the driver is not limited and he is going to enjoy a speed of 125 MPH. What’s more interesting here is the skater who is going to hold the car while accelerating. The guy behind is going to ride on roller skates in full racing leathers. This one is going to be more than a hell of a ride.

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