Rolling Coal Is So Much Fun With Those Diesel Cars – See How These Guys Prove It

Diesel cars rolling coal

Rolling Coal Is So Much Fun With Those Diesel Cars – See How These Guys Prove It

For no doubt the diesel fuel truck are not so popular among many of you, except when it comes truck that have Durmax or Cummins engine. But that’s only in the States, out there, particularly in Europe there are a lot of cars that are running on diesel fuel. And they are equally good as their petrol relatives.

The video that we have provided for you to see today will prove you that. Thanks to their diesel engines these really nice cars in very attractive manner are performing amazing skills, such as shredding tires, drifting and creating smoke clouds.

Most of them are European cars, different models of Volvo, Audi, Mercedes and others. But there is also an American ride, like that 10 second trucks Dodge Ram that is performing like crazy against a much higher profiled car. So do you need a better proof that diesel engines could be as fast as well? As they are not only made for creating clouds of smoke or drifting. So take a look at the video attached and make yourself free to leave a word or two, about your opinion in the comment section.

If you are not aware the diesel fuel is known as the devil’s fuel to most petrolheads. You might be thinking that you could go drifting and doing burnouts with petrol cars only. We are going to show you a video revealing the other side of the diesel cars. It is true that diesel engines pollute a lot while rolling coal on the streets. But it might be so much fun driving one of those. If there are some environmentalists among you, you should better stop here and skip watching the video on our next page. You will find a lot of smoke in it, smoke is everywhere.

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