Safety At The Heart Of Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz safety

Safety At The Heart Of Mercedes Benz

Traveling in Mercedes-Benz bus or coach is a true blessing. If a situation like this ever occurs we should be sure that we are guided by a lucky star. They are well known by the standards they set considering safety, quality and revolutionary technologies. Their focal point is also econmy, ecology, sustainability, attractive lifecycle costs and professional business partnership.What inspires Mercedes-Benz engineers the most is the area of safety. Nothing motivates them more than the notion of producing impressive results in the field of safety technologies. The vision is very clear creating accident-free driving vehicles. The first time they attained exceptional safety was in 1950 thanks to Bela Barenyi who invented the passenger safety cell.

Very often we use buses as a transport vehicle. We use them in all kinds of occasion but mostly if we travel in another town, state etc. Sometimes we hear stories about a bus flipping over and that scares us and sometimes effects our decisions whether we want to travel by bus or not! The reason why the accidents occur can be different, most of the happen even before the actual impact takes place due to lapse in concentration, poor visibility or hazards which cannot be anticipated.

That’s why the Mercedes-Benz safety concept employs a range of measures to support safe driving in everyday operation and to help you bring critical situations under control.
The safety concept of Mercedes Benz uses a variety of measures that encourage safe driving in day to day operation and facilitate critical situations helping you take them under control.

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They have designed a mechanism that includes an extra wheel in the middle of the bus. But this is not an ordinary wheel! It stands out from the main body of the bus and has the job to balance and to prevent a sudden flip over!

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