See All 10 Differences Between US And European Mustangs

US and European Mustang

See All 10 Differences Between US And European Mustangs

The iconic Ford Mustang was brought to the market in Europe in 2014. It’s not something new that the European model has some pretty significant changes if we compare it to the US model. In this article we are going to see which are these 10 differences between the US and European Mustang. Let’s start with the back part of the car – the taillights. The taillight lenses are red on the US model while they are clear plastic with the red illumination on European Mustangs. You might have a look at the front part of the Mustang – the hood vents are missing from the overseas version due to pedestrian safety legislation.

The side reflectors are coloured differently, the door mirrors are smaller on the US vehicle. The same are larger on the Euro-spec Ford Mustang due to different design and safety laws. Let’s get to some technical stuff and performance numbers. The first thing is that you could order a short 3.73 final gear ratio to your Mustang in USA. In Europe the only one offered is the longer 3.55 ratio. The UK buyers and all the RHD nations around the world make the very particular sacrifice. They all own a Ford Mustang with 25 horses less from the 435HP V8 engine.

Briefly, the US Ford Mustang is more powerful, got fatter mirrors and some hood vents.

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