See This Amazing Homemade Hoverbike By Colin Furze


See This Amazing Homemade Hoverbike By Colin Furze

We all know the hovercars. These vehicles fly up to some feet above the ground. There are a lot technologies and ways that you could build a hovercar. In the real world there is one machine built on this prototype. The hovercraft basically elevates itself above a water or level hard surface. The bottom part of the hovercraft is a cushion of air retained by a flexible skirt. Another machine from the real world is the hovertrain. It is a kind of high-speed train using hovercraft lift pads instead of the conventional steel wheels.

In the video on our next page we are going to present you a plumber who had a dream. Colin Furze is the name of the guy who created this amazing homemade hover bike. He is actually a plumber, stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and YouTuber from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. Have you ever wondered if someone with no engineering qualifications and no experience in flying could build something that leaves the ground and could actually fly. The answer is simple and it has a name – Colin Furze. The start of his invention period was marked by the Gadget Geeks’ Sky1 program. This is the moment he started inventing things.

If you have a look at his Youtube account, you will find that it is with nearly 2.6-million subscribers. Quarter of a billion views in total doesn’t sound bad either.

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His first project was converting a scooter into a flamethrower.

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