See The Easiest Way To Pick a Lock (VIDEO)

how to pick a lock

See The Easiest Way To Pick a Lock (VIDEO)

Today we are going to meet a crazy Russian guy who is one of our favourite dudes on the Internet. He always got something new to show us. This time he is going to present us a new tool that could basically pick a lock in a matter of seconds. For the tutorial he is going to use a transparent lock, so we could easily see what’s happening from the inside. This guy is famous for putting different gadgets and mechanisms to the ultimate test! On the video on our next page this guy is going to show us what he claims to be the ultimate way of picking locks.

In the end you will see that it’s nothing more than a simple tool that looks to be able to slide into just about any padlock that you could buy on the market. Then with the pull of a trigger – pick the lock. Awesome! The tools seems to be very cheap, so you could buy it easily. It’s not about the idea that you could pick every lock. It’s for these moments when you lose your keys and you have no other option. This time you are not going to break the door or the lock, and instead pick this tool and do everything from the video on our next page.

If you are one of these guys who fear theft, you could order one tool and check your locks. Just to see if you are secured enough.

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Enough said, it’s time to see this guy and his tool in action. You will be amazed how quickly someone could enter your home or garage.

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