See Which Of Paul Walker’s Stolen Cars Are Being Returned

paul walker stolen cars

See Which Of Paul Walker’s Stolen Cars Are Being Returned

Since the tragic death of the Fast and Furious superstar Paul Walker in 2013, it is like we see a a never-ending stream of lawsuits. There are like two from his daughter. Meadow sued the guy who was driving the red Porsche Carrera GT at the time of Paul Walker’s death. First of all, Walker’s daughter sued the estate of Roger Rodas and right after that she sued Porsche. Among all these lawsuits, the most bizarre one concerns the actor’s car collection. It’s all about an associate of Paul Walker who was in charge for stealing 30 cars.

It was announced that some of the vehicles are being returned. Less than 24 hours after the Hollywood star’s death has been settled, an associate of Paul Walker’s – Richard Taylor stole of his cars by moving them to another garage. It is believed that all this happened without noticing anyone from Paul Walker’s family. In other words – this was definitely a crime. Richard Taylor had access to the warehouse because he worked there and he was occasionally helping Paul to take care for the vehicles. The origin lawsuit was basically to recover either all these vehicles (in the list there are cars like 2011 911 GT3 RS and several BMW M3) or their monetary value.

In the end a resolution was reached and the legal action has been dismissed.

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It is still unclear how many of his rides will be returned.

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