See How To Repair A $60,000 Tractor Tire As It Is Cheaper Than Replacing It

repair a tractor tire

See How To Repair A $60,000 Tractor Tire As It Is Cheaper Than Replacing It

If you thought that the tractor tires were impervious to the occasional puncture, you will now see how this could be repaired. Tractor tires are quite expensive and those tires are among the most durable on the planet. We have a way to repair such tires and we are going to show you the process on our next page. Luckily, we have this solution and all of us could use it instead of having to buy replacement. The guy from the video on our next page is going to show the process in details. According to him, it takes about several hours and it is a quite labor-intensive process. The tires are going to be used at the same conditions with lots of huge stress over them.

That’s why the final results is supposed to be incredibly strong and durable. First you have to inspect the tire and find the problem. Second step – skive. You have to do it in order to get to the injury. Next step is to inspect it closely. Next thing to do – buff skived area. Taper skive to 30-45 degrees. All actions until this point will take you a couple of hours. Wire brush buffed skive. When you find the injury and inspect it, you have to cut it. Buff the injury channel that you cut before that. Next phase is to get inside the tire and make center line for repair. You have to position the repair unit over the injury very carefully.

Now you have to outline the repair unit and then outline one smaller repair unit.

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Now you are almost done with the preparation. You have to apply a couple of cement coats.

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