See This Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS Hennessey HPE1000 In Action (VIDEO)

2016 Camaro SS Hennessey HPE1000

See This Supercharged 2016 Camaro SS Hennessey HPE1000 In Action (VIDEO)

If you are willing to buy the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS but the 455-horsepower engine under the hood isn’t powerful enough for you, you could call the folks at Hennessey Performance. They could offer you a variety of upgrades. First of all, if you want to keep the engine naturally aspirated the guys could bump the engine’s power output up to 650HP. So far, so good. If you don’t mind listening to a supercharger while pushing the gas pedal, the folks at Hennessey Performance could offer you a couple of supercharged versions and the most powerful among them is 1,008 BHP. This is what we call to achieve a massive boost in performance.

In the end you will own a 6.8-liter supercharged engine under the hood. This is one of the improvements in this upgrade – stroking the motor from 6.2 liters to 6.8 liters. The upgrade list is really bug, so we are going to write down some of the improvements – a high-flow supercharger system, 4.0-inch Stroker crankshaft, 416 CID Stroker motor, extreme duty intercooler system, custom forged aluminum pistons with 11.5:1 compression ratio, 6.125-inch billet steel connecting rods, ported cylinder heads, new engine CPU, chassis dyno calibration, road testing and many more. For more information you could visit Hennessey Performance website to see the full list.

It’s time to give you some performance numbers – the power output is 1008BHP @ 6,500RPM and 918 lb.ft. of torque @ 4,000RPM.

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Pushing the gas pedal to the metal could make you hit 60 MPH from 0 MPH in 2.7 seconds.

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