See The Best Escape Ever – Slammed Scion FRS Got Caught By Police While Doing Burnout

Scion FRS doing burnout caught by cops

See The Best Escape Ever – Slammed Scion FRS Got Caught By Police While Doing Burnout

The cops here were like oh, look people having fun there – let’s stop them. Maryland state police department play no games when it comes to street racing and doing burnouts. On the other hand this is Ocean City – it’s a small town of less than 8000. In the end you cannot hide from the police. In the below video we are going to a see a guy doing burnouts with his Scion FRS with cambers. He did it in the middle of the main and only street there.

The driver seems to be having a lot of fun until the cops decided to light him up. The police officers wanted to give him a stern and letting him know that what he just did was unacceptable. The Scion FRS driver didn’t waste time of sticking around and put the car in reverse. Then he found and took a side street in order to escape the police officers down the street. It was just funny about what this guy did in this situation.

Fate was definitely on the driver’s side as the cops didn’t started a pursuit. Most of the cases when you do a burnout in the middle of a public road and cops appear, you end upo with a ticket. That was not the case here and according to many source of information the guy wasn’t pulled over that day.

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It wouldn’t be so hard for the cops to find this guy in a town like Ocean City – I bet that there are not so many Scion FRS with cambers in this colour. There are a lot of comments on the Internet saying that if the cops didn’t manage to see the license plate of the car – there are no problems. We think that the driver is fine and we saw a few more videos of him doing more burnouts.

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