See The Boldest Citizen Ever – Pulls Over Police Officer And Gives Warning

citizen pulls over police officer

See The Boldest Citizen Ever – Pulls Over Police Officer And Gives Warning

This guy just wanted to check if that guy was a real police offcier. As he says at the beginning of the video – ‘ust flagged this officer down, just want to make sure his unmarked car is legal’. It might sound strange to most of us, but this happened for real. The reason this citizen stopped the car is that he just saw that the car is unmarked. He wanted to know if this was a registered unmarked vehicle for undercover work.

According to the law each police officer is not allowed to drive an unmarked patrol vehicle in Washington DC. The police officer is not aware of such a law and he says that he should look at it. It’s obviously that the cop feels a little wierd for being pulled over by a normal citizen. You feel like those two guys changed their roles. The citizen is asking questions while the police officer is trying to catch up with him. The boldest citizen ever is going to ask him for his ID.

We doubt that most of the police officers will react like this guy. The cop who is driving the unmarked patrol vehicle is so calm. The unknown citizen asks him if he could see an ID to make sure he is a real cop and he is authorized to drive this vehicle. It’s obviously that the cop is doing something that is clearly in violation of Washington DC’s low. The cop refuses to give his ID and shows his badge and uniform. That’s not enough for our guy – lol.


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On the other hand according to RCW 46.08.065 sub section 3 sub section 2 this is an unlawful stop. The law clearly states that unmarked vehicles may be exempt at the discretion of the Sheriff. This way the guy who filmed the video is unfamiliar with this. He couldn’t know and prove that the Sherif had allowed on that particular day this vehicle to be used as a patrol car.

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