See The Coolest Truck Ever – Chevrolet Silverado Made Of Ice Blocks

Chevrolet Silverado Made Of Ice Blocks

See The Coolest Truck Ever – Chevrolet Silverado Made Of Ice Blocks

It all started with an advertising campaign that was supposed to be aired on New Year’s day. But we cannot skip this article as we wanted to share it with you so much. We are going to see something unique that you haven’t seen before – an ice truck. Yeah, together with the air-powered Lego vehicle these creations should be seen. This one is actually a 15,000 lbs ice truck based on a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD frame.

There a lot of teams involved here during the transformation process. Ice sculpturists from Iceculture, Bronson Line Automotive Ltd and Pick Me Productions are basically the heroes here. As we said earlier the truck weighs exactly 15,000 lbs and 11,000 lbs is the weight of the ice here. Bronson Line Automotive Ltd created the cab and body in Texas where is the home town of the truck. Later the guys designed the engine bay that was a little but lowered.

After creating this pieces it was about time the next team to enter the game – Pick Me Productions. The team here created a custom steel frame to support the ice chassis. When this was all done, the time for the ice sculpturists from Iceculture came. Their task was to create not one but three full-scale ice trucks. The vehicles were supposed to be used for a promotional stunts and advertising shoot. There was one problem – hot to avoid the melting issue in the engine compartment?

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The decision was taken quickly – special fans were added in the forward body area to exhaust as much hot air as possible and keep the truck frozen. The truck took part in a 1 mile drive to attempt to set a new Guiness world record. Before setting the world record the truck was disassembled, shipped to another city and reassemble in 24 hours. After the attempt the truck was taken back and left to melt. It all took over 40 hours to the ice truck to disappear.

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