See The Details About This Unique Drivable “Upside Down Truck”

upside down truck

See The Details About This Unique Drivable “Upside Down Truck”

Illinois mechanic nas built an amazing upside down truck. The whole project took him around 6 months to built this unique ride that looks like a flipped over vehicle. Rick Sullivan spent $6k to built this thing. He started from a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck and another 1995 F-150 pickup truck body placed on it BUT upside down. Rick Sullivan created this street-legal car alone in his garage. The final look is just amazing – a flipped red and white Ford pickup truck with everything working.

The license plate is just hilarious – ‘FLIPOVR’. The wheels are also design to be spinning when the vehicle is running. The idea came from his daily work when he was supposed to transport an overturned Ford Ranger to his collision centre in Clinton, Illinois. He is running this small company with his wife. When he first saw the Ranger on its roof he got an inspiration and he thought this is going to be an interesting idea. He managed to finish his project in 6 months and now he is travelling with it down the road.

The base here is a Ford F150 that he actually built by collecting separate parts from all parts of the United States. After that he bought a complete Ford Ranger that was supposed to play the exterior part. It’s really one of a kind vehicle that collects thousands of pictures every day when he is on the road with it. He didn’t even had a plan how to build this. He had everything needed in his head and he just started buying parts. He is really glad that he made it, as things didn’t go as planned and a lot of adjustments were made.

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In the end we could see that he owns a street legal flipped-over vehicle. When he started building this thing, he didn’t tell his wife about it. He showed her the final result when the truck was already done. You never know what people like Rick are thinking as their mind is always up to the next project. He says that everyday people pull him over so they could have a closer look. If we see this guy on the streets we will definitely turn around and chase him down, so we could see it live.

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