See The First BMW Quadruple Backflip Jump By Jed Mildon

BMX quad backflip

See The First BMW Quadruple Backflip Jump By Jed Mildon

If you believe in something than anything is possible. Simple words said by one of the greatest BMW legends – Mat Hoffman. Now we are going to talk about that big chase for the biggest trick. We will see Jed Mildon in action becoming the first man who ever did a BMW quad backflip. The event is ‘Reviolution Day’. It represents the battle between two guys – Jed Mildon and James Foster.

Actually those two guys are chosen as they are the only two bikwers who have ever landed a triple backflip on a BMX. BMX bikes are our very first childhood love. That’s something that had opened our eyes back in the days. Like Jed Mildon and James Foster who keep the love and these two athletes are going to battle head-to-head from opposite sides of the world to become the first man in the world to land a quad backflip.

Today we are going to see a moment for the history. Jed Mildon is going to make one of the most difficult stunt jumps for the very first time. He is going to make a BMW quadruple backflip. Jed Mildon is a 27-year-old guy nicknamed ‘Warrior’. He is actually and the first athlete to land the biggest trick in BMX history – a triple flip. He did this back in 2011 and changed the rules of the game.


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Nowadays he is going to try to beat his biggest rival – James Foster from California. On this revolution day each one of those two guys is going to try to make the quad backflip from his country. Jed Mildon will be in Taupo, New Zealand while James Foster is going to be somwhere in California, USA. We already know the name of the daredevil who managed to do it – Jed Mildon. This guy really deserves respect as he spent the last 4 years preparing for this day.

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