See The Reason Why These Car Dealerships Closed Down With Brand New Vehicles Still Sitting In The Showrooms

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See The Reason Why These Car Dealerships Closed Down With Brand New Vehicles Still Sitting In The Showrooms

What could really make you close a car dealership with good sales stock sitting still on the floor. You might be thinking – there is no way to close the doors and say ‘Goodbye’ to your clients. But in the real world everything is possible and could happen. Some of these dealerships are still closed with these now classic cars sitting on the floors. USA has seen its economics going up and down in the past. Ghost dealerships could be discovered all over the country.

The vehicles inside look new like they just came off the assembly line. In the same time, all these showrooms full of new rides seem like they have never been owned by a person. The first dealership that we are going to have a look at is found in East Liverpool, Ohio. Basil Mangano is the person who owned this Chrysler showroom. When the owner closed the doors, it was the only one in this area. He gathered all cars before shutting the doors down and placed them in his location.

The total amount of the brand new cars at that time was around 35-40. Now most of these cars are classics now. The second dealership is a Mercedes garage with one yellow Mercedes car left to rot. Our next stop is in Cypros at an abandoned Toyota dealership. Inside two cars need some fresh oil, gasoline, and a good wax job – Toyota Corolla and Toyota Celica. The next showroom left behind its doors a couple of brand new BMW vehicles. The reason was that the owner lost his BMW franchise back in 1988. We talk about Citation Motors located in Toronto, Canada.

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The owner decided that it’s not the right time to give up and relocated under a new name – Downtown BMW, but again closed the dealerships in 2002. The owner seems like he had lots of money as he didn’t bother to sell off everything inside from these two dealerships. Inside these dealerships there are plenty of BMWs which appear to never have been owned or driven very much. Our next stop is at Collier Motors – North Carolina, United States. This showroom again lost its AMC franchise in the 1980. This one is a very big one and now it looks like a ghost town.

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