See The Worlds Best Toolbox Cart Ever – Armed With Everything You Might Need And You Can Drive It

Snap-on toolbox cart

See The Worlds Best Toolbox Cart Ever – Armed With Everything You Might Need And You Can Drive It

That’s probably the ultimate toolbox and on the top of that you could drive it. This tool wagon is built by Snap-on and then customized by Porcellato Engineering. As you might probably know Snap-on is a famous American designer, manufacturer and marketer of tools. The guys there are specialized in creating high-end tools and equipment to professional tool users. This company was founded back in 1920 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Nowadays there are more than 11,500 people working for it worldwide. That’s not the only name that the company sells its tools – Blue-Point is another brand name for distributing hand tools and power tools. In Europe and Brazil, the company is known as Sun.

In the below video we are going to have a look at one of the most amazing toolbox carts ever made by the company. It not only has everything that you might need, but you could drive it. It weighs around 2,000 pounds and costs about $20k brand new. That’s only the beginning. The best part is done by the guys at Porcellato Engineering. This is a famous Canadian company for building and customizing Club carts. The Club carts could be used for golf courses, industrial purposes and many more. This Club cart is something that we have never seen before. This is basically the God of all toolboxes. The cart is powered by and electric engine with specifications of 48 volts. The weight here when fully loaded is 3,800 pounds. The top speed is limited to 9 MPH for safety reasons.

The cart doesn’t feature a reliable suspension, so you should be very careful if you drive it on a bumpy surface.

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On the top of that it’s extremely low as well, so again you should be very careful where you drive it.

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