See This Beast-like Vividly Orange Truck Equipped With A 7000 Watt Super Cool Sound System

truck 7000 watt sound system

See This Beast-like Vividly Orange Truck Equipped With A 7000 Watt Super Cool Sound System

Peterbilt Motors Company is one of the most famous American manufacturers of heavy and medium-duty trucks. The company was founded back in 1939 in Oakland, California. All trucks are Class 5 through Class 8. The headquarters is in Denton, Texas. All Peterbilt model names are divided into two groups – model numbers starting with ‘2’ for single drive rear axle tag axle models and model numbers starting with ‘3’ are for dual drive rear axle. In the video on our next page we are going to show you a modified Peterbilt 379 truck. This model was manufactured from 1987 until the 2007. This is one of the last 1000 379 model trucks called the “Legacy Class 379.”

This one is fully customized and is actually a dream truck for lots of truck drivers. If you thought that sound systems are just for cars, this is not the case. In this video you are going to see what a a truly bombastic audio systems look like. Audio systems are a passion for lots of guys. If you believe you are are one of these real audio system enthusiast, you should definitely check out this awesome truck. We definitely want this truck on our night shifts. This beast-like vividly orange truck is a real piece of truck art. It is equipped with a 7000 Watt super cool sound system, so you are ready to hit the road with this amazing advanced level sound.

It’s just a way to maximize your driving pleasure.

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This is a good example of a truck built to make money and not to cost money.

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