See This Fully Functional RC Tractor With Four-stroke Engine

RC tractor

See This Fully Functional RC Tractor With Four-stroke Engine

In this article we are going to show what could be done in about a year of hard work. That’s the time it took the wizard to completely manually make a model of a tractor. The total model consists of approximately 5,000 items. The model is fully functional as well. You could have a closer look at it in the video on our next page. Let’s give you some more information about this little piece of automobile art. The engine is fully functional 4-stroke 4-cylinder in-line. The pistons inside are 20mm in diameter and 32mm in length. As the little monster is not big at all, the total volume of the engine is exactly 40.192 cc. It runs on petrol and we are not quite sure about the real power output here.

This little tractor weighs about 57 pounds, the length of the toy is 2 ft and its width is 1 ft. The owner and creator of this tractor is Franco Cucchi. The next step for its creator is to make a small robot to control the machine. We could only say that this guy is a genius. Great respect for such people. We would not be able to do something like this for life. We did a little research and we found out that this actual machine is a Russian ChTZ S-65 artillery tractor. The 1:35 scale model has been completed to the highest standard possible.

This is just an incredibly lifelike model that could be an inspiration to all model makers like this one.

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This tractor was built in Russia. The first real tractors like this one were on the roads in the late 1930s.

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